Friday, May 22, 2009

Royals better walk the talk...

It's amazing how seasons come and go within no time.
Before I spill ink on this piece, I wanna appreciate God' creative art here there and everywhere. Few months ago it was humid then came winter; a season that if one has never experienced, they need not to. The season was super cold but the beauty that came with it was the super white snow drops that a times seem to have been blinding... from the reflection of the weak sun rays.
Spring was mean so to say, it came with prolonged downfall accompanied with fair share of cold winds from the east, the most funny and interesting part of these strange seasons it that they all bow-down to the man-kind ways of adjusting to it!. When it was cold and windy we played lots of indoor soccer and dressed in layers of cloth to maintain constant body temperatures, now summer is knocking with highs of 70°F Clear which seems not normal and yet back in Africa I guess that's the average number through the spring and summer. Derek, Katie and I had some time out to the Royals game yesterday May 21 and I must confess the sun seems closer that before.

Derek's knees were dark red and pealing from the burn, Katie was comfortable covered in the anti-sunburn gel while I was sweating like a pig in the Manchester United Jersey (die hard fan) which seem unusual for the baseball lovers and fans. My old-man once told me in the game of soccer 90 minutes will always determine and separate men from boys (guess what! it happened).
Well, after Royals dominating a better part of the game, they lost by a difference of 6 runs. It was even funny when walking off the supper legit Kauffman stadium (pictured above) as I was stoped by two huge African-American security officers at two diffrent parking spots posing same genre of questions; they both wanted to know why I had let Royals loose the game "Why did you let Royals loose?" duh... was I even understanding some of the decitions by the ref? do I have any feelings for the game apart from Royals are my home team...(here).
I need to credit the Royals for stealing points (Can I explain that?) which was credit to approximately 1500 fans who went home disappointed but with free drinks per ticket. From all that transpired, I came up with my own theory from my paps piece of advice and the game 'Home team is never the best team'.
I'm trying to ignore the fact that the tempratures are set to rise beyond 100°F...

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