Thursday, May 14, 2009

Liberal Arts!!!!

Walking to and fro college classes in an American college might be a dream come true. Oh by the way college education is not for everyone, may be true; still, how much hardwork does foreign student display or need to put in place in such institutions at the greatest dry-land.
I recently over-heard from one of my communications professor that fifty percent of foreign students perform above average and this is fostered by the background they are coming from and where they are aiming at; good stuff! "College education is not for everyone, only twentyfive percent of Americans go to college" He affirms (name withheld).
With the current down-falling economy in US including all the developing third world countries, scholarships and other grants have been the major boost as a source of financial aid to the qualified foreign and exchange programme students; but the trend is questioning...most kids coming from Africa give more than expected to to stay in class, leave alone room and all round meal plan. Having had an opportunity to research and understand more about African poets and authors, they kind of target at achieving and keeping the faith in making a mark in the world of quality living standard. For example Author Chinua Achebe, growing up in not about graduating from childhood to adulthood instead working harder in what so-ever challenges at hand to beat the mark that the ancestors made.
Park University is one of the community that's hosting over five hundred foreign students with different undergraduate and graduate programmes, as foreign student what are the benefits that are not clearly defined in our local universities; I'll say athletics, Kenya among other African countries has had a fair share of opportunities to sharpen education standard by receiving annual funds for improving higher-learning standards but, still the question yet to be answered is where are we in the map of creating opportunities for graduate students and or those still acquiring such like education.
Having had an opportunity to go to the most corrupt and poor quality primary school in the hearts of Africa's largest slam (Kibera), it takes more than just hard work to make a mark in the top notch education institution putting in mind there are no opportunities back home to make as much as we may have acquired at Liberal Arts Christian college in the States.
A promising citizen is challenged to think of a more greener pasture by putting aside the pride of being Kenyan (in this case) and thinking of being a better Kenyan in a foreign land while investing at the homeland. A cutting edge class and unit in the communications course titled interpersonal communication best describes the reasons why different culture approach life as they know it; an example is the Masaai community living along the Rift valley. This is a community that has really come miles from the bushman age yearning for not just education but quality education that will not only shape their living standard but instead sharpen the current unstable political status in the the country.
God bless your people...

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