Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peace Love and Time

Swimming the mountain then climbing the sea seems like searching for inner core strenth.
I used to think that God' blessings come evenly to all Christians and all who know and read His word; wrong thinking it was. Trust and Obey it is the right thing to do, which I'm doing of course; no disappointments so far instead lots of inner peace with the most high which in return keeps the fire burning.
Why trust, obey and peace...I really long for peace on earth which will start by neighbours loving each other before states and nations coming together; wait a minute, did I just mention neighbours! How about family and the once we try all we can to show them the genuine love we have for them and in return fold their feast and tighten their hearts with anger and pain from past experience and self driven undefined attitudes.
It hurts the deepest to realize as much as we try it's not happening but, time has always been the best healer and it will tell as it does tells of the higher unconditional love through over 2000 years. We need to appreciate what we have more than what we don't for we know not if what we don't is meant for us.

... for many will come but, few will be chosen; who are this few? Peace.

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