Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That time... Again

How'z it going my good people, I must apologize for not writing for a while; the reason could have been because I was/still busy and or on a tight schedule here and there. I might have lost my password. The good news is that, I'm back and this time, I have lots of interesting stuff going on around and about me. It's winter season which means there's nothing much happening outdoors... I don't like it at all. Something interesting I want to share is the activities my Acting class, who evert thought acting would involve such fun and passion... at first it all seem like a night-mare but, thanks to the ever talented and creative Mrs. DeFranco. She just proved old is gold and with age, wisdome comes along. I really enjoyed seeing diffrent skills from unwrapping candy with tongue and teeth to song writing and performance by Miss Ruby. Foe a moment I saw how creative our God has and will always be. We at some point had to physically stretch before jumping on stage to come up with relaxation poses... (interesting)
It is the same class that some dude came in with a shirt written "If talent sleeps, hard work wins" that was creepy and defying at the same time. Acting needs a lot of commitment and hard work which also applies to soccer... Part of my soccer team-mates have been lifting weights and cardio workouts, I have attended approximately 40% of this vital practice; I need not to search for any excuses. All I got to do is step up and go do what I got to do.
Deep down my soul, I'm empathizing with our brothers and sisters down in Haiti, I'm generously "donating" prayers, how are you part of help to this nation at venture? Prayer is vital for it's better than just sitting there and assuming all will fall in place.
Other than what I just touch on, summer seems far yet around the corner and the SC soccer team will be led by Head Coach Dave to Nairobi, Kenya for a two week missions trip... watch this space for more info. Cheers

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Seasoning the season

Photo// (Left) Sheriff Sanusi and I celebrating a moment at Northwood University in Texas.

They say "Only the wise can dance to the melody of life" yeah right, what about the hard working college kids who struggle with Liberal arts! duh... Ok, contemporary math seems to be responding after a long spell of struggle. The change of season accompanied by the windy cold weather, soccer season still rocks; we are have great boys in the team who've shown enthusiasm in the sport and especially doing what we do best for Jesus Christ. Just checking with my buddies because it's been a while...

You guyz know I'm so in love with the art of photography so, below are a couple from great moments halfway the season; Cheers and comeback again.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Warriors to flag KC Wizards

Sterling College Men's soccer in (white and red) during off season friendly match against Hastings College in Kansas.

Excitement and pressure are what I have as the soccer season draws closer every time I check my calender... For those around Kansas City; Sterling men's soccer team (My team) will play William Jewell College at Community America Ballpark, home of the MLS Kansas City Wizards, on September 19 at 1:30 p.m. In what is being billed as a "triple-header," the Warriors will play William Jewell in the first match of the day, followed by Kansas Wesleyan University and Graceland University at 3:30. Finally the pros will close out the action when the Wizards host FC Dallas that evening at 7:30 p.m. You guyz need to come out and see talent...Peace

Monday, July 6, 2009

Inspire the Youth, play soccer

I quote the famous roots reggae hero GI "Cool down the pace for me little woman", it's amazing how life seems like a puzzle; u need this the other party need that= fair-play...damn. It's been quite interesting meeting people around the neighbourhood and really felt like there's no more life tomorrow like the one we' living today...friends keep God in Christ Jesus first then hold on for He's teach you unsearchable stuff that you knew not about.
During my never ending unpacking, I came across the above piece of article that highlights John Bob Oyugi former Harambee Stars player and a prominent soccer icon in Kenyan youth soccer. enjoy it or you can use a magnifying glass if the print are too

Cheers and one love.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Soccer bonds Kenyans in KC

Mike Arum (Right) poses with fans after winning the opening game against OK during the anual Toyoyo soccer tournament in KC.
There is a bunch of 411 you won’t read in the Kansas City Star or any local paper but, Standard and or Kenya Times will report about it. Kansas City Kenyan community hosted a Kenyan Soccer tournament. It was an ever so rare in modern times, grass roots tournament. Unlike the US open Cup, Kohl’s tournament, and the endless 3v3 and 6v6 tournaments around town, this is a sponsor-less tournament. The participants are not having to pay to play. The local Kenyans worked together with friends in success of the tournament. Field rental, officials, and even the food is being payed for by individuals within the local community. Did I mention all of this is happening without a sponsor.
This is the way the game was meant to be played. For the love of it. If you are a fan of the game may I suggest you head on down and watch a match or two before heading out to the Wizards match Saturday. If you like to see some exciting fast paced attacking soccer you need to join us on face book and follow the events aligned. Now I will admit that I am a fan of the local African Cup. I have made a match or two when our local African community is playing against each other. Just between me and you, this is some very good non-professional soccer. And I highly recommend it.
As stated above, this is so far off everyone’s radar that it probably won’t be covered by the local bloggers or media. I doubt the Wizards are going to show up or offer the players free or discount tickets or even mention the tournament at their match Saturday. So show your support for local competitive soccer and catch a match or two Saturday or Sunday.
Kansas City’s local Kenyan team will be hostings teams from New Jersey, Oklahoma, St. Louis, Kentucky, Memphis, and Virgina. Stay locked and one love. Cheers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home far from home

"I have seen things you can never imagine" is a quote from the movie NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. It really felt like 'I have seen crazy people than you' but as alway... kept compossed and thanks to God people are diffrent and with diffrent thinking carpacity. I'm visiting a very close and good friend at Parkville Missouri and I must say, it feels like home...we've been running and playing lots of soccer. The weather and home guys here are as crazy as ever, lots of pary and such stuff. I just realised that I never have fun and the most interesting part of it all is , I don't even know the best way to have fun. I'm so relaxed at heart and body. Thanks for the prayers and Cheers.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Catalans just exhumed Red-devils...

Samuel Eto'o of Barcelona celebrates after he scored the first goal for Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League Final match against Manchester United (Photo /Getty Image)

In the world of sports and entertainment it's known that every athlete strives to secure fifteen minutes of fame. Well 2008-09 European player of the year Christiano Ronaldo had 10 minutes before Samuel Eto'o demanded for space to confirm fame even before time ellapsed at Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Catalans, they are the European soccer Champs (Kings). They slushed down Red-devils twice, first courtesy of Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o in the 11th minute before Lionel Messi confirmed the big win in the second half.
Manchester United were on the top of ball possesion creating five clear opportunities but, failing to converting them. Eto'o was fresh and aggressive as ever swift and fast dribbling skills, he was too much for Red-devils defence placing the ball on at the near post past Edwin Van-dar-ser.
Messi having had a number of shots on target tonight he celebrates his ninth goal and EUFA top scorer. His winning goal was the first one in the champions league against an English team.