Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That time... Again

How'z it going my good people, I must apologize for not writing for a while; the reason could have been because I was/still busy and or on a tight schedule here and there. I might have lost my password. The good news is that, I'm back and this time, I have lots of interesting stuff going on around and about me. It's winter season which means there's nothing much happening outdoors... I don't like it at all. Something interesting I want to share is the activities my Acting class, who evert thought acting would involve such fun and passion... at first it all seem like a night-mare but, thanks to the ever talented and creative Mrs. DeFranco. She just proved old is gold and with age, wisdome comes along. I really enjoyed seeing diffrent skills from unwrapping candy with tongue and teeth to song writing and performance by Miss Ruby. Foe a moment I saw how creative our God has and will always be. We at some point had to physically stretch before jumping on stage to come up with relaxation poses... (interesting)
It is the same class that some dude came in with a shirt written "If talent sleeps, hard work wins" that was creepy and defying at the same time. Acting needs a lot of commitment and hard work which also applies to soccer... Part of my soccer team-mates have been lifting weights and cardio workouts, I have attended approximately 40% of this vital practice; I need not to search for any excuses. All I got to do is step up and go do what I got to do.
Deep down my soul, I'm empathizing with our brothers and sisters down in Haiti, I'm generously "donating" prayers, how are you part of help to this nation at venture? Prayer is vital for it's better than just sitting there and assuming all will fall in place.
Other than what I just touch on, summer seems far yet around the corner and the SC soccer team will be led by Head Coach Dave to Nairobi, Kenya for a two week missions trip... watch this space for more info. Cheers

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